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What is a Process Group?

Facilitated by one or two trained therapists, process group allows a limited number of individuals to meet in-person (or virtually) and share their struggles and concerns in a safe and confidential environment.  The benefits of group include the opportunity to offer and receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback.  These interactions can help members deepen their level of self-awareness and learn how they relate to others. 

Process groups are typically unstructured.  However, some groups may be focused on a particular topic (e.g., grief and loss, depression, stress) or the group may target a specific group of individuals (e.g., women, men of color, or older students). Members are welcome to bring any issues to the group that they feel are important. Members are also encouraged to give support and feedback to others, and to work with the reactions and responses that other members' contributions bring up for them. 

Process Group Registration

Thank you for your interest in our group. This group is for HRE students only. There is no charge for group participation. Please note that you must register at least 7 days before you can join the Wednesday group.  Once you have registered, an MH1 team member will reach out to you in 5-7 days to answer any questions you might have, tell you more about the group/ location, and to determine if this group is the group for you.

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Last Updated: 11/8/21