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NEW! M.S.W. Field Practicum

Mental Health First Responders (MH1) is looking to provide field education and a stipend for two M.S.W. students. Because MH1 is a newer program, students will have opportunities to contribute to program development.


  • Must be a second-year M.S.W. student* 
  • Must pass a background check
  • Vehicle required
  • Self-motivated and self-directed during down time
  • Able to work in intense crisis situations

*First-year M.S.W. students may be considered depending on program demand

Supervision and training

  • Individual supervision: 1 hour per week
  • Group supervision: 30-60 minutes per week
  • In-service training: once per month as needed through University Counseling Center
  • Orientation: 15-20 hours of on-boarding/training at the start of the practicum
  • Staff development: Weekly staff meeting and once a month as needed through the University Counseling Center
  • Risk management training
    • 8 hours of crisis intervention training
    • 8 hours of mental health officer training**

**Not all practicum students will be eligible for this training/certification

Learning experiences available

Types of counseling

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Couples
  • Groups
  • Consultation
  • DSM-V diagnosis
  • Trauma informed care

Types of community work

  • Supervision
  • Team relationships
  • Staff development
  • Research/evaluation
  • Community practice

Types of practice with organizations

  • Program development 
  • Policy development
  • Organizational practice
  • Case management
  • Collaboration

Types of practice


  • Individual therapy
  • Assessment
  • Extensive crisis intervention/management with individuals
  • Referrals to appropriate resources (both on and off campus)
  • Assistance with in-patient placement
  • Assistance with admission to the Receiving Center
  • Training and assistance with involuntary commitment


  • Family case management
  • Coordination of care via family members
  • Therapy issues related to the family system 


  • Psychoeducational groups and process groups


  • Campus community
  • Campus stakeholders
  • Coalition building


  • State certified crisis intervention training
  • Mental health officer training**
  • Curriculum development
  • Counseling center staff training

**Not all practicum students will be eligible for this training/certification


For questions or more information on how to apply, please email Torrence Wimbish at 

Last Updated: 8/3/23